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4 ways to move meetings forward now

We are in the middle of the age of digital transformation. Every industry is rethinking the way they do business. Homes are being bought without ever stepping foot inside the door.

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Part 1: Rethinking Live Events - To Virtual or Not to Virtual

Reimagining live events, meetings and conferences has been a debated topic in the events industry for several years.

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Part 2: Rethinking Live Events - To Virtual or Not To Virtual

Making the shift to virtual, or hybrid, events can be a complicated process, but every event company and planner must be prepared to do so as we move into the future.

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Producing a Live or Virtual Event: Follow the TV Producers Playbook

We have all heard it…. Virtual is here to stay. Some of our clients are excited about it, seeing the possibilities for growth, others are unsure whether virtual, or hybrid, events will be sustainable for their organization.

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