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As we enter the future, attendees, consumers, and guests’ expectations are changing. They are looking for more options, they want professional productions, and whether they are in their office, at home, or attending an event live, they want to feel a part of the excitement, a part of the conversation, and a part of the crowd. As event organizers, it is an extraordinary time, a time to test the boundaries.

It is time to….

Be Different. Be Bold. Be Daring.

The Blue Danube creative team meets challenges head-on to create fresh, new, and flawless experiences with services tailored for your goals.

Don’t see the services you need here? Try us!

Flawless event

We check all the boxes for a

Production Oversight

Ensure your production goes off without a hitch and with the quality you expect. We will manage the various teams, maintain oversight during development, planning and execution, and streamline where needed for greater efficiency.


Captivate your audience with the imagery and energy of the event. The right projection set up ensures everyone is immersed in the full experience.


Provide the perfect balance of sound to fill the room with the highest in acoustic quality. Keep the audience engaged and hanging on every word; create energy in the room with dynamic music; produce intriguing sound effects to keep everyone on their toes!


Set the mood, give the room an energy boost, make the event shine. Lighting creates ambiance, focus and ties everything together.

Video Capture

Record your entire event! Audiences now expect to be able to access content from your meeting on-demand. Post it on your website or social media. Provide it as part of the conference fee or create a new revenue stream and charge a small access fee for those who did not attend.

Staging & Stage Design

Create riveting environments to enthrall your audience and at the same time, ensure the scene is set for the best possible production. Lights. Imagery. Sound. An unforgettable multi-sensory experience.

Venue Selection

Find the perfect location for your event. We’ve been around long enough to know all the best spots.

Talent Management

Let us take this off your to-do list. We will manage negotiations, coordination and all production needs related to your rockstars.


This is the “and more” part. Anything we haven’t covered that you might need — we’ll do our best to help you or refer you to an expert we know and trust.

Blue Danube works with clients nationally to deliver elevated unique live production experiences. Explore a few below.

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