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Live streaming delivers a front-row seat to everyone, allowing you to engage with a global audience and create additional revenue streams by opening your event to those who are unable to travel.  Whether you choose to use our all-in-one streaming solution, or a third-party platform, our team will work with you to design an option specifically to meet your needs and then will take the lead in producing and executing a flawless event, making it as stress-free for you as possible. 

Flawless event

We check all the boxes for a

Virtual Event Production

  • Full Production Oversight, including talent management and pre-production support
  • Pre-recorded and Live Broadcasting
  • Live Recording
  • Real-Time Graphics
  • Presentation and Asset Management
  • Video and Musical Elements
  • Post-Production Support
  • Portable Studio Solution for On-Location Live Streaming
  • Single Camera or Multi-Camera Shoot

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Blue Danube will help you engage your entire audience in numerous ways. To learn more, contact us.

Simply put, they have you completely covered for your event and are a fantastic team of incredibly kind, and highly skilled sales people, AV experts and absolute top-notch technicians…”


Blue Danube works with clients nationally to deliver elevated unique live production experiences. Explore a few below.

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