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Creative video enhances your event and engages your audience. Video provides a cool factor, creates energy and connection, tells your story, and offers a break from panels and presentations. Video can be used for marketing your event, inspiring action, delivering a message of change, and documenting your event for perpetuity.

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Full-Service Video Production

Enthrall your audience with new video content or update and edit an old favorite and add in some new surprises!


Infuse some fun and whimsy into your presentation or pre-recorded videos with 2D and 3D animations. Create illusions to astonish and amuse!

Sizzle Reels

Create a marketing video to create the buzz and increase attendance. Inspire your attendees before they even register!

Pre-Recorded Messages

Some addresses are better when pre-recorded. We will work with your talent to ensure they are relaxed and at ease while delivering that important message.

Video Introductions

Connect your audience to your presenters by showing a bit of their personality, history, experience or background. Video introductions can draw your attendees in before the presentation starts.

Video Capture

Record your entire event! Audiences now expect to be able to access content from your meeting on demand. Post it on your website or social media. Provide it as part of the conference fee or create a new revenue stream and charge a small access fee for those who did not attend.

Custom Marketing Videos

Tell your brand’s story with custom marketing videos. We’ll help every step of the way, from objective setting to storyboarding and branding. The end result is a video that’s unique and engaging.

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Blue Danube works with clients nationally to deliver elevated unique live production experiences. Explore a few below.

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