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    Bluestream Virtual Experience

    Bluestream Virtual Experience

    Bluestream The All-In-One Solution for a Robust Streaming Experience

    Bluestream is a proprietary streaming platform developed by Blue Danube Productions. We only offer it to our clients. So, that means it’s exclusive to you, not just anyone who wants to subscribe. Whether you’re planning a live, virtual, or hybrid event – we got you covered.

    Key Features of Bluestream at a Glance

    • Event: Your event can be set up according to your preferences via public, private authorization, password protected, or by invitation only.
    • Branding: Includes areas for branding and sponsor opportunities.
    • Sessions: Session types include general, breakout, and on demand – all live or pre-recorded.
    • Interactive: Increased interaction with controlled, moderated and private chats within platform.
    • Post Event Analytics: Business intelligence include event traffic, device, and browser breakdown.

    Live Production: We can help with producing the live portions of your event. Bluestream offers seamless integration with the content of the stream.

    Video Production Services: Pre-recorded content creation, 2D and 3D animations, sizzle reel, promo videos, and studio sets for on-premise lives streams.

    Blue Danube can help you engage your audience from any location. To learn more, contact us. Don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn.

    Schedule a Bluestream Demo

    Bluestream can elevate the stream for your virtual meeting or event. So, are you ready to learn more about our robust platform? Let us show you! Contact us for a demo at:

    Since COVID-19, more businesses are looking for an innovative meeting solution.  Moreover, you may be wondering whether or not to go virtual. Or perhaps, you may be asking, “What is the difference between virtual and hybrid?” Our founder and CEO, Niki McKay, recently wrote an article about these very questions. Check out the article on LinkedIn: Producing a Live or Virtual Event? Follow the TV Producer Playbook.

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    “Blue Danube’s services have been used to execute live productions, deliver live web streams, provide much of the needed AV equipment for various events, and more. Each time Blue Danube delivers exactly what the client needs for events of any scale. Everyone who represents Blue Danube from management, sales staff to the onsite event technicians are incredibly professional and a joy to work with.”